Why should you let a professional handle your garage door?

Why should you let a professional handle your garage door?

When you look around your house, you will notice that garage door is the largest moving surface, aside from the vehicles that are parked inside. While using it every day, garage door tends to break down, and you will need to perform occasional repairs. Many people are eager to do them on their own, which is a not that good solution. Considering that 1610 injuries happen every year in the U.S. due to DIY repairs and around 2102 are reported due to a sliding door. These are a pretty good reason to hire professional. But if you need to convincing, then read our list down below.


Garage-Door-RepairA trained professional knows how to set up the door correctly and garage doors are a popular mean of entry for many robbers. If you are aware that your house is safe and door operating properly, then you will have a safe peace of mind. In this case, only a door repair specialist can help you, and you will protect your home from burglary and invasion.

Professional skills

Garage door professionals are qualified experts with a lot of knowledge and experience. They have spent years of training and perfecting their skills, something you don’t have. Professionals know the quick way how the set up a diagnose and to fix your problem. For him, this entire process and painless and easy. On the other hand, you can spend days on this matter and not doing anything; you can even hurt yourself.

It can be cheaper

Depending on what type of service you are in need, but professional services can be affordable. If you save time, then you will be saving the money as well. Imagine a situation where you install the garage door poorly, and something breaks down, you will have to pay for the repair and for the professional to install it again and this will significantly increase your expenses. But, if you call a garage door professional, you are likely to save money with this decision. He will suggest you the changes you can make and install a garage system which will cut you back expenses in the future.


Only a professional can provide you accurate advice and tell you what needs to be replaced or fixed. Never take this decision on your own or evaluate a situation by yourself. He will provide you useful recommendations and tell you how to maintain your doors properly. In this way, you will prolong the longevity of your garage doors. In a garage door repairs adelaide workshop, they train their clients how to extend the duration of the garage doors.

Safe Use

This is the most important reason why you should hire a professional to install or repair your doors. Based on some research, almost 20,000 homeowners visit hospitals due to garage door injuries. You shouldn’t neglect this matter. Your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family should come first, keep that in mind next time you try to install or repair the garage door.

Garage door buyers guide

Garage door buyers guide

Garage door buyers guide

If your garage doors are sagging, hard to lift, and overall in a catastrophic state, then perhaps it’s time to replace them. We know that it’s hard to go shopping for something that you know little of, especially since your last purchase was so long ago, so we’re here to help you buy the right garage door, for the right price.


First of all, it’s important to know what kind of materials exist when it comes to garage doors and the pros and cons of these materials. We don’t know where you live or how big your garage door needs to be, what you’re going to use them or will they be manual or automatic, but we can tell you the general dos and don’ts, so stick with us.

Wood garage doorsWood

Wood is a classic because of its availability, natural beauty, and customizability, but it can also be hard to maintain. Wooded garage doors require constant care and simply don’t last as long as other materials.


Steel, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive, doesn’t require much care, and are generally strong. Traditional wood looks better, but with the state of the art steel, you can quite easily imitate wooden garage doors.


Fiberglass is amazing due to its lightweight properties and its resistance to salt and air. Its best use is in the places that are closer to the sea because of its corrosion resistant ability. However, fiberglass is a poor isolator, and as such it has low use in colder climates. With cold, it also becomes easily breakable, so unless you live in a warmer climate, somewhere near a beach, we would suggest that you choose another material.


Aluminum doors enjoy many of the benefits fiberglass and steel doors enjoy too. They are lightweight, durable, will not rust, and fairly inexpensive. However, they have one big drawback – they can easily be dented.Aluminium-garage-door

Innovation in the garage door world

Garage doors are not what they used to be. Now, there are some really high techs involved in garage doors, and they serve as energy savers, insulators, and their design is simply better than ever. Now you can buy steel garage doors which will look like they are made of wood, and from a few meters away there is just no way that you’d notice the difference. The market has changed quite a lot, so we’d recommend that you get to know it a bit more before making your purchase.


Onto the question everyone wants to know the most, how much do the garage doors cost these days? Well, it’s hard to say. Garage door prices vary from four hundred dollars to nine thousand, and it all depends on the style, quality, size and also whether you will install them yourself or have the company do it for you.

If you’re planning on having a company install your garage door and expect it to be average quality, it would cost you around a thousand dollars. If you want automatic garage door openers, add two to three hundred dollars to it.

Automatic or manual garage doors

Automatic or manual garage doors

Automatic or manual garage doors

This is probably the question you ask yourself before you make any other decisions concerning garage doors. Should you buy automatic or manual garage doors? Well, contrary to popular belief, these aren’t all that different, and here’s why.


The only difficulty when it comes to automatic garage doors is their installation. However, you can leave this part to the experts and have them be done with it in an afternoon. It may cost you a bit, but it may cost you a lot more if you try and do it yourself.

The reason why we said that automatic and manual garage doors aren’t all that different is because manual doors can be turned into automatic quite easily.

If you aren’t an expert in this field or haven’t done any installation or conversions from manual to automatic, we advise you to leave it to professionals. What can be a quite easy task for the professionals can become a couple of days work for you. The sheer size and weight alone can cause many problems. You may not install everything properly or even worse injure yourself. We don’t think that you wouldn’t be able to do it yourself, it’s just a lot more practical for you to leave it to the ones who do this for a living.

Automatic garage doorsMaintenance

Maintenance between automatic and manual doors doesn’t differ that much. The biggest factor in maintenance is which material are the doors made from. If they are made of metal, they will have to be cleaned occasionally so that they don’t rust from rain, but same can be said for manual doors. With automatic doors, you have one more part to worry about and that’s about it. We suggest that you talk to the people who install the doors to get as much information as you can on what you should and shouldn’t do.

The thing we would like to put some accent on is – if you’re using an automated door, make sure that the hinges are well lubricated. This will definitely extend their working life, make them less noisy, and also a lot faster.

When it comes to automatic doors, good maintenance makes all the difference. It makes them a lot safer, prolongs their working life, and makes them work a lot better overall. Automatic doors are a lot better in terms of control (Imagine winter period) and ease of life, but when it comes to maintenance and price, they certainly cost more money and time.

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