About Us


Meet Our Team


Richard Devault

Our founder and director, a man responsible for our success and expansion.

Michael Smith

Engineering Technologist, the person responsible for implementation of technology into our services.

Marianne Holdings

Marketing Engineer, a person responsible for our website and advertisement.

Phillip Collins

One of our technicians, qualified and dedicated person with 15 years of experience.

We started as a small company including a group of a few professional technicians with one repair van. We operated only in our neighborhoods and in the nearby. However, everything changed when our first clients started spreading the word about us and our services. We had more and more jobs and a lack of employees and vehicles, and we decided it is time for expansion. And now we are one of the national leaders in this business.


We now have more than hundred employees, all professionals and highly qualified for this job. Our area of business includes installation and repair services, as well as the maintenance and tuning up services. We are also here to advise and provide you with the appropriate garage door remote controls and openers. Also, we will periodically inform you about the latest trends in our area and give you a few tips that you can do on your own, of course, if you follow our website.