Garage door buyers guide

If your garage doors are sagging, hard to lift, and overall in a catastrophic state, then perhaps it’s time to replace them. We know that it’s hard to go shopping for something that you know little of, especially since your last purchase was so long ago, so we’re here to help you buy the right garage door, for the right price.


First of all, it’s important to know what kind of materials exist when it comes to garage doors and the pros and cons of these materials. We don’t know where you live or how big your garage door needs to be, what you’re going to use them or will they be manual or automatic, but we can tell you the general dos and don’ts, so stick with us.

Wood garage doorsWood

Wood is a classic because of its availability, natural beauty, and customizability, but it can also be hard to maintain. Wooded garage doors require constant care and simply don’t last as long as other materials.


Steel, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive, doesn’t require much care, and are generally strong. Traditional wood looks better, but with the state of the art steel, you can quite easily imitate wooden garage doors.


Fiberglass is amazing due to its lightweight properties and its resistance to salt and air. Its best use is in the places that are closer to the sea because of its corrosion resistant ability. However, fiberglass is a poor isolator, and as such it has low use in colder climates. With cold, it also becomes easily breakable, so unless you live in a warmer climate, somewhere near a beach, we would suggest that you choose another material.


Aluminum doors enjoy many of the benefits fiberglass and steel doors enjoy too. They are lightweight, durable, will not rust, and fairly inexpensive. However, they have one big drawback – they can easily be dented.Aluminium-garage-door

Innovation in the garage door world

Garage doors are not what they used to be. Now, there are some really high techs involved in garage doors, and they serve as energy savers, insulators, and their design is simply better than ever. Now you can buy steel garage doors which will look like they are made of wood, and from a few meters away there is just no way that you’d notice the difference. The market has changed quite a lot, so we’d recommend that you get to know it a bit more before making your purchase.


Onto the question everyone wants to know the most, how much do the garage doors cost these days? Well, it’s hard to say. Garage door prices vary from four hundred dollars to nine thousand, and it all depends on the style, quality, size and also whether you will install them yourself or have the company do it for you.

If you’re planning on having a company install your garage door and expect it to be average quality, it would cost you around a thousand dollars. If you want automatic garage door openers, add two to three hundred dollars to it.