Automatic or manual garage doors

This is probably the question you ask yourself before you make any other decisions concerning garage doors. Should you buy automatic or manual garage doors? Well, contrary to popular belief, these aren’t all that different, and here’s why.


The only difficulty when it comes to automatic garage doors is their installation. However, you can leave this part to the experts and have them be done with it in an afternoon. It may cost you a bit, but it may cost you a lot more if you try and do it yourself.

The reason why we said that automatic and manual garage doors aren’t all that different is because manual doors can be turned into automatic quite easily.

If you aren’t an expert in this field or haven’t done any installation or conversions from manual to automatic, we advise you to leave it to professionals. What can be a quite easy task for the professionals can become a couple of days work for you. The sheer size and weight alone can cause many problems. You may not install everything properly or even worse injure yourself. We don’t think that you wouldn’t be able to do it yourself, it’s just a lot more practical for you to leave it to the ones who do this for a living.

Automatic garage doorsMaintenance

Maintenance between automatic and manual doors doesn’t differ that much. The biggest factor in maintenance is which material are the doors made from. If they are made of metal, they will have to be cleaned occasionally so that they don’t rust from rain, but same can be said for manual doors. With automatic doors, you have one more part to worry about and that’s about it. We suggest that you talk to the people who install the doors to get as much information as you can on what you should and shouldn’t do.

The thing we would like to put some accent on is – if you’re using an automated door, make sure that the hinges are well lubricated. This will definitely extend their working life, make them less noisy, and also a lot faster.

When it comes to automatic doors, good maintenance makes all the difference. It makes them a lot safer, prolongs their working life, and makes them work a lot better overall. Automatic doors are a lot better in terms of control (Imagine winter period) and ease of life, but when it comes to maintenance and price, they certainly cost more money and time.