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What do we offer?

As you might have already guessed, we are a company providing garage door installation and repair services in Dallas. However, that is not everything we do. We are here to help you no matter the problem you have with your garage doors. Do you need a new one? Do you need to repair or just lubricate the old door? Our technicians will solve your problems. We will deal with all the minor adjustments your door might’ve need, tuning-up, and even advice services if you want to know which garage doors to buy or how to maintain them.


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How does it work? Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Service differs according to the type of the doors you’ve chosen. If you bought manual garage doors, the installation process would be a lot simpler than the installation of the automatic doors. The manual doors are light, and you can open them quickly by pulling the handle which means our job is only to tighten a few screws and voila!  However, installing automatic garage door is a little more complicated process, which includes installation of the motor and cables. This process involves dealing with electricity which is why it can be a very dangerous activity. We, however, assure you we will attach everything according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and we will install an infrared sensor that will register and inform you when something is in the way


What People Say About Our Service


“All I can say about this company is that it provides outstanding and quick service to clients. The three technicians that installed my garage door were completely pleasant, and they finished everything for less than one day. They were so kind to give me information about the maintenance and minor adjustments I can do on my own.”

Hanna Jones

“At first I thought I wouldn’t need a garage door repair service and I tried to fix my doors on my own. But when I realized it isn’t working I called the service, and they sent a few men to do it instead. The job was done in unbelievable 15 to 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe. Excellent service!”

Thomas Stuart

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